About Us

Ambition is trailblazing a new kind of women’s fitness. We’re a company that prioritizes women’s mentality and confidence first.

Our workouts will change your body, but our values and community will transform your entire self worth.We love you for your heart, not your looks.

Our Story

Ambition was founded by Katie Daniel in 2018. Having been subjected to society’s unrealistic beauty and diet standards like so many women, she discovered strength training in her mid twenties. Weights changed everything about her confidence, physique and relationship with food.

After thinking about Ambition for 2 years, she quit her career in medical sales and opened a business founded on female empowerment.

From our workouts, community and studio ownership opportunities, Katie’s goal is to support women on every level.

what we stand for

Our mission is more than fitness. It’s advocacy for women’s issues and rewriting the narrative of confidence and strength.

It’s helping women shine in their own skin and breaking the chains of what makes us feel small. We’re here to be women’s champion, reassurance, and ally.